What We Do:

Student Athletes Players Edge is a vehicle used to ensure that male and female high school athletes get the college recognition that they deserve. Our service will include parents, student athletes, high school coaches, and college coaches.

We understand that when a student athlete is choosing a college or university it is a major decision in their life. We at Players Edge want to help with finding the right place for student athletes. We understand that every student athlete is unique and has different needs. This is why we will customize a program to help ensure their success in finding a college or university.


Bio Features:

  • The player bio provides academic statistics such as GPA, SAT, ACT, and any other academic awards won such as National Honors Society.
  • Athletic stats from the season updated weekly (while in season).
  • A player bio for any other sport that a student athlete may play will be created for free at the student's request.
  • Physical traits (Height and weight)
  • Strength tests such as bench press and squats
  • Vertical Jump, 40 yard dash, and shuttle run
  • Player Bio (What Student Athletes wants colleges to know about them)
  • Contact information for student athletes (email, phone number, address, etc)
  • High School coaches information (Name, phone number, email address, etc)

Personalized Attention

We treat every student athlete as though they are our son or daughter. We ensure this by keeping personal contact with every student athlete by email, phone, or personal appointment. This personalized attention will benefit the student athlete in his or her goal of obtaining a college scholarship.

We also want to make sure that student athletes have every resource at their fingertips to make them successful. We will provide this by letting all student athletes know of athletic camps and academic tutors in the area. Doctors, dentists, and fitness facilities will make sure that all Players Edge Student Athletes have a sound mind and body.

We understand that there are many other services out there that use bulk mailing to get their student athletes recognized. We do not use this technique. We do not do all of our mailings at the same time. It is at the student athletes request when their letters of recommendation are sent out. This will ensure that the student athlete is recognized and is unique and truly interested in the school to which we are mailing their profile.


Note to Coaches

Student Athletes Players Edge provides a free recruiting tool for all colleges across the nation to view and access information about student athletes. Players Edge understands that not all college recruiting budgets are identical. That is why we offer this service to all colleges and universities for free.